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Websites that contain useful technical information, rather than just sales talk (although most try to sell something) 

Anchors, chain (Now owned by William Hackett. Good source of various chain data) (Principle and performance of anchors)  (Anchor comparisons and calculations by Prof. J. Knox)  (Spade anchor review of makes)  (Rocna knowledge base. Lots of information on anchoring topics) (Anchor rode calculations. Downloadable spreadsheet)  (Para anchors and drogues) (a sound description of basic anchoring technique)


Electrical   (Batteries)  (Huge amount of information on everything electrical) (Electric wiring data and information)   (Excellent reference for many electrical questions) (Battery charging information)  (Battery charging information)


Holding tanks and toilets (Good information about toilets, holding tanks etc,)  (Standard and custom holding tanks, sanitation)


Mechanical  (useful marine diesel engines forum)  (Technical specification of all current Bukh engines)


Metals and materials (Differentiating copper alloys by colour)   (Anodes) (Chemical resistance of rubbers), hatch, door seals, fenders, edge trims, stern glands and mast sleeves)


Propellers (useful spreadsheet for propeller sizing, not for Windows 7 & 8) (Two test procedures that put to rest the eternal question - whether there is more or less drag with a fixed or freewheeling propeller)


Rigging  (Knot tying shown in animation)

http// (Click on Traditional rigging. Splicing every type of rope)  (Splicing various warp types to chain)   (links to every knot page on the Internet)  (Sail calculator)  (Wind speed and pressure)  (Windage and velocity) (Various rigging components and some instruction about installing them)


Solar power  (Good supplier of panels and controllers)  (Charge controllers)  (Charge controllers)

Workshop manuals technical manuals)   (Free engine manuals) (Workshop manuals and parts lists for many popular engines)  (Free engine and other equipment manuals) (Workshop manuals and parts lists for many popular engines)







  Link to making your own folding passerelle